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Draft AMC/CAMC Policy to receive feedback/suggestion from OEMs/OEM Authorized Partners

Start Date: 17-09-2021
End Date: 30-09-2021
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Draft AMC/CAMC Policy

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Additional Information:

1 The AMC/ CAMC of IT equipment’s Infrastructure is a critical aspect of product lifecycle
2.Some high-end equipment need service/ support beyond the warranty period of 3/5 years. inevitable delays in procurement process and declaring the equipment as obsolete
3 Replacement of hardware after the end of warranty period is sometimes delayed due to procurement processes
4. Rate discovery for AMC/CAMC in such cases becomes very difficult as there is no fixed formula for calculation
5. The AMC/ CAMC is also differently charged once the hardware becomes obsolete i.e. in terms of End of Service(EOS)/End of Life (EOL)
6. There is a tendency by the vendors to charge undue rates for the AMC/ CAMC services considering that the hardware has become critical to the client/ organization
7. The AMC/ CAMC charges vary in the life cycle of a product i.e. the AMC charges are low in initial years and gradually increase with wear & tear
8. Depreciation Rates as per Section 32(1) of the IT Act depreciation of “Tangible Assets” is considered.
9. As such, a formula based comprehensive AMC/ CAMC policy is drafted by Govt of Haryana and comments/ suggestions are invited from various stakeholders

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