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Share your stories, ideas & suggestions for the fight against COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)

आरंभ करने की तिथि 22-03-2020
अंतिम तिथि 31-05-2020

The Central and State Governments are working proactively to ensure that we are prepared well to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID 19 – the ...

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Share your stories, ideas & suggestions

The Central and State Governments are working proactively to ensure that we are prepared well to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID 19 – the Corona Virus.

Involve yourself in this fight and share your suggestions, insights & experiences to help fight the further spread of Coronavirus. Your entries can include innovative and best practices regarding hygiene, hand washing, social distancing and preventing spread of rumours so that infections can be contained and treated. Under the “COVID Soldier” Competition, the Haryana Government will give cash awards to selected entries everyday. You can upload your own poems, songs, stories, and messages in the ‘Comments’ section below in the form of text, images or video.

After uploading your own poems, songs, stories, and messages, please send details of your entries along with name, mobile number, bank account number and IFSC Code from your registered email to If selected, your reward will be transferred online to your bank accounts.

Keep Calm and Stay Vigilant.

Guidelines for participants/ contestants 
1. Duplicate Comments (same response) will not be considered.
2. The response has to be closely related to fight against Covid-19 pandemic (preference to be given to those who have provided suggestions on how citizens can contribute in prevention of Covid-19 rather than what government should do)
3. Only new and creative responses will be considered for award. Any response which is copied or has any copyright issues shall be rejected.
The participants should submit their original response and should not have copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarized the response of other person. In case of any complaint of copyright or plagiarism, it will be the responsibility of the citizen who has submitted that response on the portal and it will be treated as per applicable laws.
4. All those responses shall be rejected which are based on activities which the government is already doing.
5. Medical advice such as names of medicines, doctors, cure etc. will not be considered eligible for awards
6. All the interested participants/ contestants are also required to provide mandatory details: name, mobile number, bank name, account number and IFSC Code from your registered email to 
In case these details are not received, the respective entry/ comment will not be considered for award.

List of Winners of Covid Soldier Competition

Date: 22.3.2020
No winners

Date: 23.3.2020
1. Harshit Khurana_4: Rs. 100
2. Parvinder Kumar_36: Rs. 100

Date: 24.3.2020
1. Shivam Vaid_4: Rs. 100

Date: 25.3.2020
No winners

Date: 26.3.2020
1. Kirshan Raghav: Rs. 100
2. Preeti Pandey_49: Rs. 100

Date: 27.3.2020
1. Simran Gaur: Rs. 700

Date: 28.3.2020
1. Bhumik_6: Rs. 500

Date: 29.3.2020
1. ashish rohilla_1: Rs. 800
2. Sia Aggarwal: Rs. 100

Date: 30.3.2020
1. Shivali Mahajan: Rs. 100

Date: 31.3.2020
1. Dalbir Singh phool: Rs. 100

Date: 1.4.2020
1. kirshan raghav: Rs. 100
2. DEEPAK SALUJA_1: Rs. 100
3. Rahel Chandan: Rs. 300

Date: 2.4.2020
1. Sanjay kumar_4275: Rs. 100
2. Shipra Maheshwari_2: Rs. 300

Date: 3.4.2020
1. Rahel Chandan: Rs. 200

Date: 4.4.2020
No winners

Date: 5.4.2020
1. Chander Sekhar_2: Rs. 400
2. Suren Namdev: Rs. 300
3. Archana Sharma_136: Rs. 500

Date: 6.4.2020
1. cute princess_3: Rs. 100

Date: 7.4.2020
1. Sunil Kumar_6499: Rs. 200

Date: 8.4.2020
No winners

Date: 9.4.2020
No winners

Date: 10.4.2020
1. Shivam Gaur_24: Rs. 200

Date: 11.4.2020
1. Sharwan kumar_158: Rs. 200

Date: 12.4.2020
No winners

Date: 13.4.2020
No winners

Date: 14.4.2020
No winners

Date: 15.4.2020
No winners

Date: 16.4.2020
1. Ruchi Garg_17: Rs. 100

Date: 17.4.2020
No winners

Date: 18.4.2020
1. PANKAJ BAWEJA_1: Rs. 100

Date: 19.4.2020
1. sabina gupta: Rs. 100

Date: 20.4.2020
No winners

Date: 21.4.2020
No winners

Date: 22.4.2020
No winners

Date: 23.4.2020
No winners

Date: 24.4.2020
No winners

Date: 25.4.2020
No winners

Date: 26.4.2020
No winners

Date: 27.4.2020
No winners

Date: 28.4.2020
No winners

Date: 29.4.2020
No winners

Date: 30.4.2020
1. Ayush Anand_104: Rs. 300

Date: 1.5.2020
1. anita_1203: Rs. 100

Date: 2.5.2020
No winners

Date: 3.5.2020
No winners

Date: 4.5.2020
No winners

Date: 5.5.2020
No winners

Date: 6.5.2020
No winners

Date: 7.5.2020
No winners

Date: 8.5.2020
No winners

Date: 9.5.2020
No winners

Date: 10.5.2020
No winners

Date: 11.5.2020
No winners

Date: 12.5.2020
1. Smriti Parashar Thareja: Rs. 300

Date: 13.5.2020
No winners

Date: 14.5.2020
1. NEERAJ RANI_19: Rs. 400

Date: 15.5.2020
No winners

Date: 16.5.2020
No winners

Date: 17.5.2020
No winners

Date: 18.5.2020
No winners

Date: 19.5.2020
No winners

Date: 20.5.2020
No winners

Date: 21.5.2020
No winners

Date: 22.5.2020
No winners

Date: 23.5.2020
1. Rahel_1: Rs. 400

Date: 24.5.2020
No winners

Date: 25.5.2020
No winners

Date: 26.5.2020
No winners

Date: 27.5.2020
No winners

Date: 28.5.2020
1. Rahel Chandan: Rs. 400

Date: 29.5.2020
No winners

Date: 30.5.2020
No winners

Date: 31.5.2020
No winners

(You can see the posts from these winners in the "Featured" tab)
Congratulations to all the winners!

All winners are requested to share the details of their entries along with user ID, mobile number, beneficiary name, bank account number, bank name and IFSC Code from their registered email to, in case you have not shared the same earlier.

सभी टिप्पणियाँ
Corona Virus COVID19
740 Record(s) Found

monu_708 1 year 7 months ago

bharat mata ki jai
corona virus se bachav ke liye sabse jaruri keval 2 bate
1 jagrukta 2 jimmedari ka ehsas
apne aur apne desh k prti
bachav k upay
1 mask- ma means mummy jo hmari raksha karti h vaisi hi is sankat ki ghadi mai mask hamri raksha karta h
2 sanitizer=sainik sanitizer aaj hmari ek sainik k roop m raksha karta jaisi ki bhartiy sainik
3 social distancing means aapsi duri matlab hamre aur hamre desh vasiyo k swasth ka khyal
uapr likhi ssabhi hamare hitt m h


Senthilmanickam_1 1 year 7 months ago

Every phone holder should be provided with basic internet facility to engage people in some work so that roaming of ni reason can be avoided.....and also college student should be given intership so that they also involve in learning activity......thus roaming of people can be avoided


Dharmendra Kumar_1144 1 year 7 months ago

Respect the medico,
salute his work
He is endangering his life
So that we may live.
Working days and nights
round the clock to save us
Be serious don't make fuss.
It requires a lot of courage
to put onself knowingly into danger
Doctor is the game changer
So salute him with both hands
Nothing to borrow nothing to lend
Just a little act
Act to give respect.
Jai Hind Jai Netaji SubhashChandr Bose


A Bali 1 year 7 months ago

The advisory for private offices is Work from Home (WFH) wherever is possible. However, since e-passes are getting issued to all private offices, the social distancing norms are slowly getting violated. Private offices have less space, no windows which can be opened and there is centralized AC. Also, there is a mindset the WFH means no work is happening. My suggestion is that e-passes should not be issued so easily. Company must justify why an employee cannot work from home.